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The tour packages are necessarily one of the best and the easiest ways for a hassle free travel. It has been observed that a huge number of tourists find it convenient to book the tour packages while planning for a vacation with either friends or family.

Rajasthan Journey is here to take care of the travelling needs of the users by providing them with an array of fantastic tour packages to some of the exotic destinations around India as well as the whole world.

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With an AC/Non AC taxi, tempo, bus trained drivers and 24*7 customer supports.

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Dinesh jangir
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Sunil jhorar

Welcome to Rajasthan Journey

Rajasthan is one of the very beautiful, famous and most delightful state & Tour Destination in the whole world Situated in North of India and touch with Pakistan Border. When we think about the Rajasthan Tour lots of pictures comes in our mind like Colorful Cities, Majestic fort & palaces, fair & festivals, lake, Mountains, Dessert, cattle fair, Hunted Places, Temples, decorated havelis, wild life centuries, Camel/Elephants, food, local Villagers Music/Dance/Culture/life, traditional shopping things and lots more which is cannot find any other place on the planet.

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